Women In The Workplace

Posted by Freddie Lines on 11 March 2019

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In the ever changing construction industry we at Kelston Sparkes Group pride ourselves in embracing change to help push ourselves and the industry in the right direction. With the help of our Social Media presence and on site Citb CPCS training facilities we have opened our doors too many people who may have not considered this career path before. A prime example of this is with the employment of our three female operators.

In the last two years our company has focused heavily on our workforce and how we can offer job opportunities to a wider range of people from all walks of life. The arrival of our most experienced female Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) driver, Jessica came in August 2017. Jessica who is a former hairdresser from Wales works on the contracting side of our business and travels across the country with us wherever the work may take her. Jessica has described working for Kelston Sparkes as ‘Enjoyable, easy going with a friendly atmosphere’

Followed by Beth in April 2018 who works for the quarrying side of the business currently operating an ADT. Beth had recently moved back to the UK after living in Australia where she was working in a sand quarry operating 100 tonne Rigid Dump Trucks, Beth has now also gained her CPCS excavator qualification and will continue her training out on-site. When asked what brought her to Kelston Sparkes Group Beth said ‘I joined the Kelston Sparkes Group as they gave me equal opportunity being female and have allowed me to progress onto an additional CPCS category.’

And most recently we have employed Charlotte in February of this year to operate an ADT in Torr works. A local woman Charlotte came in to our Training School as a customer wanting a change in career from being a taxi driver. Her quick adaption to life in an ADT was quickly noticed by our trainers and director Alan Sparkes. It became clear that Charlotte would be a great addition to our team. Like all new drivers Charlotte continued her training on the job and is now fully settled within the team. When asked why she chose to work us Charlotte said ‘I was recommended by a few people to come here for operator training. The Kelston Sparkes Group training given from Roger and Barry was brilliant. I couldn’t fault them at all. Also Freddie was very quick getting me through the career process. A great Company.’

We hope that more and more people turn towards this industry as a potential career path and we will do what we can to provide as many opportunities to the right candidates. A diverse workforce expands the experience we have out on site and benefits us, the industry and the employees.


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