Warmwell Development

Posted by on 12 October 2018

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Habitat First Group (HFG) bought Warmwell quarry in order to turn the 560-acre plot in to a holiday and leisure development, to be known as ‘Silverlakes’. With approved restoration plans for recreational after use in the north of the site, while leaving the south free for nature conservation. Including a number of larger water bodies and vast areas of heathland restoration. The revised landform proposed changes to the north and central parts of the site to reduce the number and the size of the lakes and to provide a beach area, islands and a causeway to the largest lake.

The changes would ensure the inclusion of a more varied landscape and in turn increasing the potential for biodiversity in the area. Returning what was once an airfield, then quarry to a hub of wildlife and leisure activity was the overall goal for HFG, and that’s where we at Kelston Sparkes came in. To take this from an idea into a reality.

In the middle of 2012 Kelston Sparkes Group were contracted to Warmwell Quarry by Aggregate Industries (AI). For 4 years we would work alongside AI in removing the last of the usable product in the quarry HFG had purchased, in preparation for its transformation. Approximately 4500 tonnes moved daily.  The latter 2 years of that work was split between removal of usable product and the beginnings of the land reinstatement.

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(Aerial view of the quarry)

Being the diverse plant and construction business we are it allows us to tackle two varying tasks of ‘muck shift’ and ‘land remediation’ with relative ease. Having plant that ranges from Ride-On Rollers, to 25-50t dump trucks, all the way up to 90t Excavator means we are very adaptable.

Simon Hibbard our Site Foreman down at Warmwell was tasked with liaising with numerous contractors and surveyors to best organise our operators and machines. The use of 6 Trimble GPS enabled machines meant that Simon and his team had the opportunity to very precisely follow plans for the remediation work. With almost 2 years of battling the weather, juggling the demands of quarry production along with more delicate land remediation, the quarry was exhausted. This paved way for the next phase.


In April 2016 ground was broken to officially start work on the Silverlakes development.

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(Simon Hibbard 3rd from right pictured the day of ground breaking)

We were now fully manned on the land remediation side of works, started building up areas, while bringing down levels elsewhere. The first stage of the rebuild began with the holiday parks, leisure facilities and the first lot of lodges. Islands and lakes had to be formed for this. The first residential area was to be named Beaumont Village, named after a local airman, this theme continues throughout the development. A nod to its past as the future begins.


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(Beaumont Village and newly formed waterbody)


With the completion of this, Silverlakes was now open to the public and our focus moved on to extending the leisure parks size. More islands/landscape to be rebuilt to ensure all 1000 chalets could be fit in. Along with areas for woodland, fishing lakes, canoeing facilities and public walk paths. Over the last 6 years this undertaking really goes to show not only what we as a company can offer but also what mobile plant can offer.


warmwell website 4

(A view of fishing lakes formed)


Now in late 2018 and the weather is turning against us, we look to continue with the project by entering the south of the plot and doing as much as we can until we shut down for the winter ready to pick up again next spring.